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007 Detective Private Investigators

Detective agency in Chennai Tamilnadu India. Founded on a reputation of quality, service and integrity, 007 Detective Agency has continued to deliver premium services since early 1981.

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Pre-employment investigation

When you think that an individual or company may not be telling the complete truth about their history, we can investigate their background and provide you with a concise report.

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Matrimonial Investigation

Peace-of-mind background checks relating to possible long term business or personal partners.

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Fraud Investigation

The Director has formed a separate division devoted to actively pursuing and exposing the rampant filing of fraudulent insurance claims.

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Copyright & Trademark Investigation

Investigations into the status of copyright holders to establish if they are genuine commercial traders or venal individuals attempting to capitalize on copyright legislation.

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People search locate anyone

Many people have lost touch with loved ones. Over the years, addresses change, phone numbers are no longer valid. 007 Detectives,Private Investigators India track down lost husbands, wives, sons, daughters, partners, family members, relatives, and old friends or colleagues.

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Civil or Criminal Investigation

When required, our investigators can attend at a court hearing to give evidence. All of our investigators have been trained in court procedure and they will provide succinct and accurate evidence in a professional manner.

Spouse Infidelity Check

If you have doubts and would like to get the evidence that you  might then need to use for divorce in a court, private detectives can help conduct covert surveillance .

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Our mission in such cases is to record the observed facts truthfully and as completely as is possible for a reasonable. budget,assembling a case that is reasonable, cogent and compelling.

Child Abuse And Child Custody

Do you want to obtain custody? Are you dealing with an un-cooperative ex-spouse ? We can help ! Often in child custody and divorce matters the one who wins is the one that has hired   

What Makes Us Better

007 Detectives in chennai, Private Investigator - is a Quality Assured company. Our highly trained investigators will ensure your instructions are handled expeditiously and professionally, and in absolute confidence.

With a proven record of accomplishment in all manner of investigations.


We Achive our Goal Perfect Precious Prompt

We Are Professional

We are servicing People 38 years of service on time and satisfactory.

Our Services

24x7 customer Support

Matrimonial Investigation

We care about your cases because these become our cases too; our prime professional concern. Frankly, nothing else matters except getting the evidence required. Having said that, we don't do dishonesty or embellishment in any way.


The Director has formed a separate division devoted to actively pursuing and exposing the rampant filing of fraudulent insurance claims. We have worked extensively with private insurance companies identifying different types of automobile, medical, property

Electronic & Technical Investigation

Electronic & Technical Investigations The digital world is evolving at a fantastic rate. If you need the latest electronic surveillance equipment, we can provide up to date flexible solutions. We can supply a range of devices that cover all types of situation

Corporate Intelligence

To probe prospective interlocutors, companies and their directors and staff. Before engaging with unknown business contacts and committing your company to an untried relationship you will want to check company records, location(s), size, performance and activities.

Wintness Traced

We locate witnesses for any kind of court case. Court cases sometimes take several years to actually get to the trial stage and during this time witnesses move or sometimes become deceased. We have conducted this type of investigation for over 21 years for attorneys, courts and private persons.

Civil & Criminal Records

We act on behalf of legal practitioners around the India gathering evidence or confirming questionable information to assist in both civil and criminal matters. We are familiar with the law and carry out our investigations accordingly. We can locate and interview witnesses, serve legal documents (process serving),

What Is Evidence?

007 Detectives, Private Investigator - It can sometimes be as simple as falsifying time sheets and in other cases criminal activities such as theft. In each investigation we will endeavor to provide you with a variety of evidence that can include photographic, video, audio, incriminating paperwork as well as witness and interview statements.

  • We accomplish detective background and identity checks in India
  • Delicate check up – meeting the them in person.
  • We check depression level of a person

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Family Law and Legal Advice

How we can help?

Our legal information can guide you through the most common family law issues in plain language. We offer advice on the respective legal rights of the different classes of relationship; namely those who are merely living together (cohabiting), married couples

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Frequently Asked Questions about 007 Detectives,

Private Investigators Are there any advantages in selecting your company?

Absolutely! 007 Detectives, Private Investigators has been in continuous operation since 1981, long before pre-screening your job applicants was a must. Our management team has morethan twenty years of combined experience in applicant screening and all the right tools to streamline background screening into your hiring process.

Our Team

Ln Ramalakshmi Chellappah

Operations Manager
Radha Seshadri

Investigation Officer
Henry Philip Manova

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New 41/1,Old 20/1 Kamaraj Avenue 2nd street,
Tamil Nadu, INDIA. 600 020.
Mobile: +91-98843 30007
Help Line 24 hours
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Contact Us

New 41/1,Old 20/1 Kamaraj Avenue 2nd street,
Tamil Nadu, INDIA. 600 020.
Mobile: +91-98843 30007
Help Line 24 hours
Telephone: +91-044-24419374,

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