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  • Employment History Investigation
  • Due Diligence/ Company Research
  • Personnel Section
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Work Duplicity
  • Unfair Competition
  • Potential Partners Investigation
  • Demage of Professional Secrets
  • High Management Staff Infidelity
  • Commercial Networks



007 Detectives, Private Investigator –  offers a wide array of investigative services to assist business and corporate entities. The services may include background investigation of vendors, employees and investigation of potential business relationships. 007 Detective agency  has the expertise of identifying existing or underlying problems within a business organisation. The problems may include theft or theft intent of company assets, pilferage and forgery.


Forgery and fraud investigations are under taken when one cheats an organisation with many individual clients that the organization supports (like welfare or disability assistance), reimbursement asked by an individual by pretending ill-health (like health care providers or Medicare), claiming for money for falsely implicated losses of property or assets (like insurance companies), or when one takes a huge credit leaving behind false trace of his whereabouts (like banks or finance companies). vcda has the expertise to investigate all such cases.


Investigations regarding breaking of trust of a client, leaking out important business strategies by an employee or trusted partner are considered punishable under the court of law. vcda utilizes a variety of advanced methods through the intelligent planning and execution of investigation

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You may feel awkward about asking us to investigate something for you because the matter may be personal or sensitive. Don’t worry, everything you tell us is in total confidence and nothing will embarrass us. We will remain professional at all times and would never judge you in anyway or divulge what we’ve been told to any third parties.

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