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Confidential financial enquiries

Our Prime Motto Is Dedicate Service to
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  • Asset investigation
  • Location of Bank Accounts
  • Employment Income
  • Falsified bankruptcy
  • Debit of arrears
  • Fabrication of dividends
  • Suspension of payments
  • Financial delinquency
  • Falsity in contribution of initial capital
  • Collection matters
  • Increase of possessions
  • Registration of non-payments
  • Merchandise Registration
  • Property Registration
  • Seizure of Property
  • Property Disputes
  • Small Claims
  • Location of Hidden Assets

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We are professional

You may feel awkward about asking us to investigate something for you because the matter may be personal or sensitive. Don’t worry, everything you tell us is in total confidence and nothing will embarrass us. We will remain professional at all times and would never judge you in anyway or divulge what we’ve been told to any third parties.

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