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Private  & Sensitive Investigations

DO YOU WANT TO OBTAIN CUSTODY? Are you dealing with an un-cooperative ex-spouse ? We can help ! Often in child custody and divorce matters the one who wins is the one that has hired a private investigator to ” get the evidence “.

Don’t be caught short. The information you compile today could mean the difference in how your case turns out. Once the opportunity is gone, it is gone forever.

    • Paternity Tests (DNA)
    • Habits and Hobbies
    • Family Situation
    • People Search
    • Child Custody
    • Modifications of Economic Means
    • Evidence for separation, nullification and divorce
    • Doubtful Conduct
    • Morality Drug-Addiction
    • Inheritance Sects


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You may feel awkward about asking us to investigate something for you because the matter may be personal or sensitive. Don’t worry, everything you tell us is in total confidence and nothing will embarrass us. We will remain professional at all times and would never judge you in anyway or divulge what we’ve been told to any third parties.

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