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007 Detectives, Private Investigator - It can sometimes be as simple as falsifying time sheets and in other cases criminal activities such as theft.

In each investigation we will endeavor to provide you with a variety of evidence that can include photographic, video, audio, incriminating paperwork as well as witness and interview statements.

Where possible this evidence will be admissible in court and if necessary we can offer a witness service. Whatever the activity that you want checked we have both the expertise and the specialised equipment required to seek the truth and gain you the answers that you seek.

Seeds for thought:

Indians are very good in fraud ventures, they can invent things you would never ever think of. No wonders, matrimonial industry attracted attention of scam artists, too.

Even reputable agencies (to say nothing of Internet-based services) publish data of scammers without being aware of that (it happens with all agencies; the question is how quickly the agency removes such data, if ever).

Most local agencies deliberately publish photos of models or just pretty women who have never been looking for relationships abroad and who never applied to their services. The aim is to receive money from men for addresses and corresponding with "ladies". Usually such agencies do not give real women's addresses, all letters are sent to the agency itself or using its email forwarding service.

Some of agencies don't remove men's \ women's data from their catalogues after they are already engaged or even married. Nowadays most of them are usually fluent in English, or at least know the language well. They check their mailboxes 5 times a day and you receive responses to your letters immediately. Their letters are very open, and they appreciate you very much. They fall in love with you almost instantly, and cannot live without you nevertheless you never met in person. Their photos are of excellent quality, and feature beautiful smiling ladies, such a perfect creation cannot be a scammer. And her attention flatters your ego...
Usually there is no any base, that would include all actual recent info. It can be only oriental. So, the best way to check a scammer is to use our services of "Identity check" or "People search", which are fulfilled manually by our agents. The results will be much more reliable and trustworthy.

Our agency wish you never to find yourself in such terrible situations. And we offer you to use our service of the identity check. We will find out if she is a real person, her real appearance, etc. We will send you all proofs: photos, documents, etc by E-mail or by usual slow mail.

If a woman knows English well and has a degree, good looks , she can easily find a match in India.

The following is a basic listing of our services:

  • We accomplish detective background and identity checks in India
  • Delicate check up – meeting the them in person.
  • We check depression level of a person
  • We verify the character and habbits
  • Are there too many lies in background?
  • We acquire home telephone numbers and monitoring the mobiles.
  • Give us a photo and we will check up the appearance of the person.

    Count your own balance:

    To make sure she is she, her current address and home telephone number are valid, she looks like she shows her in the picture, and works at a really existing company (not mobile only!) telephone number. But there are things that are more important than money: your time, emotional energy and peace of mind. How can you estimate a broken heart? You will be able to make sure you start meaningful relationship only with real, sincere and honest girls, who are genuinely interested in you.

    You will never let yourself being attached to a wrong person, and you will never end up with broken heart. Plus you’re time, emotional energy and peace of mind. How can you estimate it? You can combine identity service, save your money and time. You can write her that you have sent a nice gift for her. You should give your lady friend our telephones and names saying that a present is waiting for her. We can prove 100 per cent of identity because we check her passport.

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