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Frequently Asked Questions about 007 Detectives, Private Investigators Are there any advantages in selecting your company?

Absolutely! 007 Detectives, Private Investigators has been in continuous operation since 1981, long before pre-screening your job applicants was a must. Our management team has morethan twenty years of combined experience in applicant screening and all the right tools to streamline background screening into your hiring process.

What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should we choose you?

Bottom line: Our commitment to customer service. We don't believe in voice mail or having you leave messages when you need to talk to someone immediately. Let's face it, most background screening companies offer the same searches, what makes the difference is how the client is treated at 007 Detectives, Private Investigator - our client's are #1 priority. Whether you are a large or small company we value all our clients and your business!

What is the experience and background of 007 Detectives, Private Investigator?

The company, headquartered in Chennai India, was founded and has been in continuous operation since 1981. With over hundreds of clients nationwide, 007 Detectives, Private Investigators has been assisting a wide array of business sectors, such as manufacturing, medical, retail, executive staffing, financial, hospitality and food service, etc. The President and Founder of 007 Detectives, Private Investigators, Ln Mrs.Ramalakshmi Chellappah, has been involved in investigation services for the last 27 years.

What are your hours of operation?

007 Detectives, Private Investigators hours of operation are: 8 AM to 10.30 PM (including weekends).

Do you provide a contact person who will be assigned to handle our case with you? If requested by the client, we will provide one key person to handle your case. Our researchers are trained in all phases of pre-employment, pre-post matrimonial background screening and in the event your assigned representative is not available, another case representative or a member of our investigation crew can assist you.

Can you customize reports?

Yes, we can customize a report to meet your hiring needs and budget. Additionally, we offer confidential report format for easy reading.

How do you report discrepancies found during a background screen?

Most discrepancies will be reported in the final report, however, in some cases, if the discrepancy is of a major concern, we will contact you immediately.

What is your turnaround time for each of the services you offer?

Depending upon the searches ordered our turn around time can be as quickly as the same week you place your case. However, some searches (such as bride and groom out station searches) can take anywhere from the same day ordered up to 12 days maximum. Circumstances that may delay information beyond four days.

How do you access the information you report?

Access to information found on your report is obtained in various manners. Information is obtained through confidential work with employers, schools, people, companies, governmental agencies, courts, licensing bureaus, credit bureaus, and direct sources of police records.

Do you notify clients if there is a delay and how long the delay will be?

Yes, you can check the daily status of background checks in progress at our website or call us with any questions regarding a background check in progress. If there are delays, we will post the reason and if available, an estimated time of completion. Additionally, our staff may also contact you via email or phone regarding delays.

Can you provide background checks nationwide?

Yes. 007 Detectives, Private Investigators is full-service background screening company with clients located throughout the United States. Background checks can be done in all states in India.

Can you provide international searches?

Yes. 007 Detectives, Private Investigators can provide overseas employment and education verifications and criminal records. In states where there is a language barrier, we use a network of National background providers to assist us in obtaining the background information needed.


Do you pass along court costs?

Yes. Some courts do not require a fee, some do. For those that do, the court fees vary from state to state.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept company cheques, money orders, and cash. 007 Detectives, Private Investigators does not accept credit cards.

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